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Hydraulic Repairs
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Hydraulic Equipment Repairs

At Pomphreys Hydraulic Repair Workshop, our top priority is minimizing customer downtime. We strive to provide a speedy and cost-effective turnaround for various hydraulic repairs. Whenever feasible, our team will collaborate with you to schedule repairs and maintenance at your convenience, mainly when machinery is not in use. We keep ample supplies of hydraulic equipment on hand to ensure quick service.

Our repair centre offers a comprehensive range of services including system enhancements and the supply of hydraulic equipment, such as chrome rods, steel tubes, and seal kits. We also specialize in hydraulic motor repairs and refurbishment, as well as fault finding and diagnostics. Additionally, we can provide pre-agreed maintenance contracts for regular servicing. 

Trust us to handle all your hydraulic needs, from repairing rams and cylinders to rotary actuators and pumps/motors with thorough testing prior to release.

Pomphrey is a renowned company dedicated to providing top-notch garage equipment services and offering an extensive range of high-quality garage equipment for sale

With years of industry experience, our team of skilled technicians possesses the expertise and knowledge to deliver impeccable maintenance, installation, repair, and calibration solutions for various types of automotive workshops.

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